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Buildr-as3 is distributed as a rubygem to make installation and updates as easy as possible.

Please make sure you have a working installation of ruby and rubygems before we start.

Installing buildr first

Buildr-as3 depends on buildr so we need to install buildr first. Buildr might require a little setup to be properly installed depending on your operating-system. Please follow the official installation guide in the official buildr documentation.

Installing buildr-as3

Once buildr is installed and working you're only a single command away from buildr-as3. Fire up your terminal and run $ gem install buildr-as3 which will download and install buildr-as3.

On the side

To make the installation of ruby and rubygems as easy as possible on Linux & OS X you should take a look at RVM. There is a similar project for Windows called PIK.

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