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Editing SEO (v1.x)

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Better CMS allows you to be in control of your own SEO settings. To make your website as friendly as possible to both search engines and visitors, make your page title (2) concise and include the keyword or keyword phrase you are targeting for that page. You have the option to edit the page URL (3) if you’d like it to differ from the one that is automatically generated from the page title. The Meta title (4) should contain your keywords and concisely describe the content of the page, and the Meta keywords (5) should relate to the search phrases you are targeting as a part of your larger SEO strategy. Lastly, enter the Meta description (6), which will be displayed on search engine result pages. Make sure it’s enticing and summarizes the content of the page.

Edit SEO

While page is not in sitemap, warning message "Page is not in sitemap" (1) will be displayed. While Meta Title (4), Meta Keywords (5) and Meta Description (6) fields are not entered, SEO missing icon will be displayed. To make SEO icon turn green, enter all these fields and add page to the sitemap.

SEO icon

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