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Editing page properties (v1.x)

Shamshad Siddique edited this page Apr 28, 2016 · 4 revisions

shamshad For editing page properties, press Edit Page Properties in side menu. Here you can change main page information, such as title, URL, image, category, tags, custom CSS, custom JavaScript, layout and other:

If access control is enabled, on the bottom of the form's first tab appears controls for managing access security. User can manage users and / or roles, which can access page. If access level is set to deny, users cannot view the current page. If access level set to read only, page will be opened in read only mode: all edit forms can be viewed, but not saved.

Note: If you're trying to save the page with no user/role that have the Read&Edit access level, an exception occurs.

  1. User access control section
  2. By clicking one on the links, input field appears and user name or role name can be entered.
  3. Read&Edit, Only Read or No access access level can be assigned to users/roles.
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