A collection of resources, useful tools and technologies for front-end web development.
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Front End Toolkit Tweet

Starter Template

This project is a set of best practices brought to you by the team at Devbridge Group., which will allow you to start project quickly, non depending from any javascript framework. Features, that are already here:

  • Recommended Sass structure with good practices from our team.
  • Live server with auto reload feature.
  • Sass linting integration and configuration.
  • Automated svg spriting.
  • Automated image optimization.
  • Recommended structure for HTML layout.
  • Automated Html linting task.
  • Automated accessibility check with generated reports.
  • Pre-commit hooks, to keep project "clean".
  • Component based development approach, which will help to transfer code on whatever front-end framework you want or just use it as a plain HTML site generator.
  • Prepared code hygiene tools, like editor config, nvmrc, npmrc files, and small things, like npm scripts.

In development:

  • HTML components with basic styling, states and best accessibility practices.
  • More detailed instructions and explanations, why we are doing things in this way.


To setup new project clone this repo:

$ git clone https://github.com/devbridge/Front-End-Toolkit.git

Switch to right node version using nvm. (Which node version is required defined in .nvmrc file):

$ nvm use [version number from .nvmrc file]

Inside project folder install dependencies from package.json:

$ npm i

To start developing run npm script command:

$ npm run start

Or launch command with "check-dependencies" mode, which will check if all needed dependencies are installed:

$ npm run start-safe

It will start all development tasks: prepare assets, compile html and css, bundle javascript and add file watchers.

Now you can configure your project.


The MIT License (MIT).