Thread scope that supports asynchronous threads and bean destruction callbacks
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A Spring Boot starter that sets up a "thread" scope similar to [SimpleThreadScope] ( The difference being spring-boot-starter-threadscope supports destruction callbacks such as @PreDestroy and propagates thread scoped beans to asynchronous threads. Thread scope works in regular application contexts as well as web application contexts. It can be used to replace Spring's request scope.


spring-boot-starter-threadscope is published to the jcenter and maven central repositories. To use the starter, add the following dependency information to your project.


To build and install the project from source, clone the Git repository and run

mvn clean install

The starter provides you with a configured thread scope and a task executor that will propagate thread scoped beans to asynchronous tasks.



The following properties may be set in your file to override default values.


The default setting of threadScope.scopeName=request will replace the default web request scope with the starter's thread based scope and all existing request scoped beans will use the new thread scope. If you want to use both the existing request scope and the new thread scope, change the value of this setting.

Default Beans

spring-boot-starter-threadscope will configure a default working environment but will remove the defaults based on the beans configured in your application. If an AsyncConfigurer is not already already defined one will be registered. A default SimpleAsyncUncaughtExceptionHandler will be defined if an AsyncUncaughtExceptionHandler is not defined. A ThreadScopePropagatingScheduler that can propagate the scheduling thread's scope to threads in the pool will be used unless another implementation is provided.