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Welcome to Square's Guide!

This is a set of guidelines, arranged to help anyone better understand, how to be a part of Square by Devcenter.

Square by Devcenter is all about creating a community of like-minded individuals and pushing innovation through collaboration on world class projects. These projects are both open source and sponsored projects and are built and maintained by the community for the community. Devcenter is not liable for any downtime or breakage that results in the use of any of these projects.

What happens in the community:

  • Discussions about the projects,
  • Members helping other members with development and design problems,
  • Members sharing helpful links and discussion on software development and design,
  • Monthly chat sessions on various topics on software development and design,
  • And lots more.

You are welcome to request an invite to join us on Slack.

Before you join please read the guidelines below.


  • Please be nice and friendly, do address or treat other members in a manner in which you will want to be treated.
  • NO CROSS POSTING: Do not post the same message on/in 2 different channels. If you do, you will be asked to delete one or both messages will be deleted.
  • Do check what a channel is used for before posting there, as you will be asked to repost if you post on/in the wrong channel.

Do not post

  • Sexually explicit content or otherwise content banned in your country
  • Tips or links to downloading someone else’s copyrighted content for free
  • Someone else’s content. Always post your own content. If you like something you saw elsewhere, please just link to it.
  • Press Releases. Square is for developers to engage. Although, you can announce your product, and ask for reviews, but not post a press release.
  • Personal Attacks. Personal attacks will not be tolerated
  • Discrimination and Abuse posts. Attacks on a person’s tribe, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other affiliation will not be tolerated. You will be banned immediately.

When you join

  • Do introduce yourself in #welcome-meet-nd-greet, so we get to know you, your skillset and any other goodies you came with.
  • Check out the purpose of the channels you have been added to, so you know where to say what you want to say.
  • Also check out the list of channels below, so you know where else you will like to join.

For your first post, you could:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Share an open source idea you have or you are working on
  • Share something you found interesting online
  • Share a dev or design problem you have

If you have really enjoyed your stay in Square and feel a channel should be created, create enough buzz around the topic of the channel, before asking. We have enough redundant channels already.

Finally, if you have any issues or aren't clear on anything, feel free to DM or mention me @sprime, or any of the other Tribe Leads.

Also read through the Contributing to Projects, if you just want to contribute to our open source projects.

For a list of the channels, groups, and tribes available in our Slack community, check here.

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