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Project Story
Everyone wants to code, but not everyone knows how to. The gap between the people who know and those who do not is ever increasing. Anyone trying to learn how to, is met with a vast amount of resources and information to sort through.

Learning should not be hard, and to make the process easier, we are creating an app to act as a guide, and calling it Coding101.

The app works by asking questions, and using the answers it gets, it creates a customized learning path, with resources which are optimized specifically for that user.

To create this app, we created a back-end to create and match questions and the right resources to different types of users. Now we want to create a front-end to talk to and guide the user to these resources.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, will be to learn front-end development by creating the front-end part of this app, following a list of tasks which have been designed to help you learn by doing. To start, access the list of tasks below.

List of tasks

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