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  -- work in progress is a sister community to DevChat on Slack. It acts as an open repository for programming/CS related questions and answers. We created it to be a more welcoming, open and friendly alternative to StackOverflow.

Help welcome and wanted. Beginners are very welcome too (prev. Devolio) is a canvas for developers new and old to work together on a community project.

Developers, designers, and writers are welcome to join. We will be announcing more details in #community_projects.

Check out the issues to get started. Or ping me @mustafa on our Slack

Set up the development environment

  1. Make sure that Docker is running and that you have make is installed.
  2. Create your own env file by running cp dev/env.sample dev/env.
  3. Edit the env file to contain the required environment variables. Make sure to not use quotes " or ' around the values.
  4. Build the image by running: make base
  5. Run the app: make up
  6. Open:
  7. Commands:
    • make down to shut down the server and the container.
    • make shell to "ssh" into the container.
    • make ds to start the Django shell.
    • make logs to view the server logs.

Code reloading should be working.

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