Ansible playbook to recreate the DevCon server
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DevCon Ansible Playbook

This is an Ansible playbook to recreate the DevCon server.

What this installs

  • DevCon web page
  • Old static pages (e.g. Summit)
  • Analytics software (Piwik)


This script requires a backup file named backup.tar.bz2 on the current folder, ensuring that only the ED, President, or VP Technoology can run this script.

Apart from the backup file, you also need to modify the variables under group_vars/all before running this script.

Once the two are ready, do the following steps to provision a new DevCon server:

  1. Provision an Ubuntu 14.04 server, preferrably a Digital Ocean server in the Singapore data center. Add your SSH key for root access.
  2. Copy hosts.example to hosts and replace the localhost inside with the IP address of the new server.
  3. Run ansible-playbook -i hosts devcon.yml. The script will restart the server at the end.
  4. After the server restart is finished, run ansible-playbook -i hosts devcon-finish.yml to complete the provisioning.
  5. Deploy the DevCon website using Capistrano. See site source for details.
  6. Check if all subdomains are working correctly (default, analytics, summit, etc).
  7. Manually setup the non-open-source backup script.
  8. If you're using Digital Ocean or any VPS that doesn't allocate swap space, allocate the appropriate amount of swap space using this guide.