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New Features:

  • Kotlin support. The plugin is now able to process pitest reports of Kotlin files. Further, the support includes rules and a quality profile for the new Kotlin language support in Sonar 7.3. Java and Kotlin sensors can be indiviually turned on/off. For Sonar 6.7.x only metrics are supported for Kotlin, no rules. [issue 5]


  • mutation related issues now contain the description provided by Pitest [issue 11]
  • mutation reports are now also searched in subdirectories [issue 3](thanks to @artsok )
  • if no report is found, it's now possible to force coverage to 0 (instead of not creating the measure), which allows to define quality gates on mutation coverage or the lack of it [issue 13]
  • Efforts for killing mutants slightly reduced from 15min+15min to 7min+5min, gap-multiplier for missing coverage increased to 2.0 (applied to the 5min)
  • maintainability of the code slightly improved by addressing issues found by SonarQube [issue 8]
  • increased mutation score to 100%


  • non-specific rules are now marked as "Bug" instead of "Code Smell" and are deprecated [issue 1]
  • documentation has been moved to GitHub Wiki

@gmuecke gmuecke released this Jul 7, 2018 · 80 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • badge-link on Readme file points now to correct project
  • link in warn logging points to github
  • more precise description in documentation how to run the analysis
  • removes dependence on Sonar-Way quality profile and removes default flag for mutation analysis profile

@gmuecke gmuecke released this Jul 2, 2018 · 88 commits to master since this release

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First release under open source license (LGPLv3), previously under commercial license with major differences to sonar-pitest plugin, up to this release

  • (+) one rule/issue per individual mutation operator, incl. documentation in Sonar
  • (+) effort for debt remediation configurable
  • (-) NO kotlin support (if you use Kotlin, use the sonar-pitest plugin)

New Features in this release

  • support for latest/1.4 pitest mutants, incl. issue documentation
  • new quality profile (Sonar Way + Mutation analysis rules)
  • new experimental features:
    • switch to enable experimental features
    • multi-module support (global aggregation of metrics) for % measures (coverage, alive)
    • test kills & test kill ratio
    • mutation density (mutations per coverable lines)
    • % values for alive and total measures to enable treemap view