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A simple slackbot for the DevCongress slack, which does tasks including:

  • welcome new members
  • greet in the morning and night
  • forex exchange to GH¢ e.g. @botname convert 20 euros or @botname convert $30
  • forex exchange from one currency to another e.g. @botname convert 20 eur to gbp
  • Define common English words e.g. @botname define fire or @botname What is the meaning of marketing

Teaching the bot new tricks

  • Read the Contribution Guide.
  • Open your terminal and run npm run generate, follow the prompts to scaffold the required files.
  • Replace the scaffolded code with your own
  • Submit a PR

Find relevant documentation at Botkit and Slack API


Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/devcongress/slackbot

Go to your terminal and navigate to the directory you cloned the code to and run

npm install

Run the Bot:

Get a Bot token from Slack:


Rename example.env to .env and update the environment variables in the file.

Run your bot from the command line:

node index.js

The bot is written with botkit which you can learn more about it here http://howdy.ai/botkit


This project is licensed under the MIT license.