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A simple slackbot for the DevCongress slack, which does tasks including:

  • welcome new members
  • greet in the morning and night
  • forex exchange to GH¢ e.g. @botname convert 20 euros or @botname convert $30
  • forex exchange from one currency to another e.g. @botname convert 20 eur to gbp
  • Define common English words e.g. @botname define fire or @botname What is the meaning of marketing
  • Get jobs from the DevCongress Jobs Board e.g. (DM the bot) React jobs or Jobs for UI designers or Node and Rails jobs

Teaching the bot new tricks

  • Read the Contribution Guide.
  • Open your terminal and run npm run generate, follow the prompts to scaffold the required files.
  • Replace the scaffolded code with your own
  • Submit a PR

Find relevant documentation at Botkit and Slack API


Clone the repository

git clone

Go to your terminal and navigate to the directory you cloned the code to and run

npm install

Run the Bot:

Get a Bot token from Slack:

Rename example.env to .env and update the environment variables in the file.

Run your bot from the command line:

node index.js

The bot is written with botkit which you can learn more about it here


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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