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Add Google Maps API Key for Hugo showcase site

Adding Google Maps API key with restrictive usage. It can only be used
by the demo site on the Hugo Themes showcase. This fixes the error
in the contact page when displaying the map.

Related issue: #68

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adrianmo committed May 26, 2017
1 parent f79fe7d commit e3d87fb340a6d40f43ac796ceae097b488837bd2
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@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ paginate = 10
defaultDescription = "Site template made by devcows using hugo"
# Google Maps API key (if not set will default to not passing a key.)
googleMapsApiKey = ""
googleMapsApiKey = "AIzaSyCFhtWLJcE30xOAjcbSFi-0fnoVmQZPb1Y"
# Style options: default (light-blue), blue, green, marsala, pink, red, turquoise, violet
style = "default"

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