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  • Generate static website from Markdown & F# Script files as content.
  • Blog posts & single pages "article model" => metadata can be from file name, folder structure, or "encoded" file content
    • Title
    • Date
    • Abstract (=> separator in file) VS extracted first words used in listing => standalone abstract
    • URL from file name
    • Lang given by first level dir in sources
    • Type of article: blog post, page... => from second level dir in sources
    • Tags to classify articles
    • UniqueKey
  • Configurable menu/navbar and localized strings through config.fsx file
  • Layouts localized : 1 for blog post, 1 for single pages
    • Header with navbar
    • Footer
  • Listing pages localized : blog home (limit nb of posts) + by tag, by date (archives) => through grouping functions on metadata
  • Manage several language for a same site :
    • Switch from one lang to another if several articles with same UniqueKey exist
  • Deploy to gh-pages branch automatically (or master if [username] repository)
  • 404 page
  • Pretty code formatting based on FSharp.Formatting
  • SEO:
  • Google Analytics + cookies warning
  • Comments integrated with Disqus (make it configurable)
  • Global RSS feeds by language

Features TODO

  • SEO:
    • Google Webmaster Tools guidelines
    • XML sitemap
  • Links to share articles on Twitter or Linked In
  • Links checker : detect links that does not return HTTP Code 200
  • Tag specific RSS feeds
  • Tag cloud canvas :
  • Author ? Displayed on posts + page by authors
  • Custom theme: layout, content files (css, js, images)


  • Put more code from build.fsx to tools dir
  • Add Unit Tests
  • Tags and archives are mostly the same : a listing layout and a grouping function
  • Avoid overflow on code blocks (really awful in mobile view)


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