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Small UNIX-like Real Time Operating System based on FreeRTOS kernel.
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dnx RTOS

The dnx RTOS is a general purpose operating system based on the FreeRTOS kernel. The dnx layer is modeled on well-known Unix architecture. A destination of the system are small microcontrollers supported by the FreeRTOS kernel, especially 32-bit. The system is easy scalable to the user's needs, the user can write own drivers, virtual devices, programs and so on. The program layer is mostly compatible with the C standard. You can say that the dnx RTOS is a FreeRTOS kernel distribution.

The minimal hardware requirements

There are minimal hardware requirements that allows to start system but with very minimalistic software base:

  • 64 KiB Flash memory,
  • 16 KiB RAM memory (recommended 20 KiB).

The hardware requirements depends on the user's configuration.

The system features

  • user's terminal (via UART interface in example configuration),
  • possibility to run many copies of the same program,
  • simple porting of PC programs for the dnx (due to the C standard compatibility)
  • simple Drivers Layer,
  • support many file systems (the VFS Layer),
  • interrupts are not masked by the system (the RTOS feature),
  • dynamic memory allocation (simple garbage collector for programs),
  • supports many CPU architectures (the FreeRTOS feature),
  • modular design.

The project configuration

To configure the project, type in the terminal:

make config



To compile the project, type in the terminal:


Folder structure

  • BSP - board support packages (configurations)
  • build - the project's binaries (created after compilation)
  • config - the project's configuration
  • doc - documentation
  • res - resources included at project build
  • src - the project's sources
  • tools - the project's tools (scripts, wizard, etc)


The whole documenation and exmaples you can found at dnx RTOS official website.

There is also additional software repository with applications.

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