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Quest System Pro

The powerful Quest and Conversation Tree System for Unity - now free and open-source!

Quest System Pro was originally developed by Devdog and has sold 10,000+ licenses on the Unity Asset Store.

Other Devdog Publishing Tools:

Odin Inspector Rucksack

Important Links

Discuss Quest System Pro with the rest of the community on Discord

Discord server

Read the Quest System Pro Documentation


Why is Quest System Pro being open-sourced?

After years on the Asset Store, we're open-sourcing Quest System Pro because we're moving on to new projects and tools. You can read more in our blog post.

100% in the hands of the community, we hope to see the tool flourish, development continue, and any upcoming bugs fixed (the tool should be bug-free as-is).

Getting started

Clone the repository + submodules, or download the zip file + the general library and place it in Assets/Devdog.

Integrations stored in the Integrations folder may have to be removed, if you do not have these plugins in your project.

What's included with Quest System Pro?

Quests of any type

With Quest System Pro, you can create any type of quests with any number of required tasks, each task representing an action required by the user.

We've already built-in quest types such as discovery, gather, kill, talk, timed and other types of quests. But if you need more, you can of course extend the system to your needs.


Go beyond just quests and setup achievements and achievement conditions for your players to meet.

Advanced Conversation Trees

Quest System Pro comes packed with a powerful dialogue and conversation editor, which enables you to setup advanced conversation tress.

This means you can easily create quests and achievements that requires a player to e.g. be level 10 before the quest can be started, or requires the player to collect all quest items for one quest before being able to start the next quest.


The built-in SALSA integration handles the player's facial animations, so you don't have to spend weeks animating faces.

Complete Freedom

Quest System Pro does not enforce you to use a specific UI design or style and can thus very easily be themed to your liking.


Quest System Pro has been built with extensibility in mind. The flexible base allows you to morph it to your game's need.

Localization Support

With a built-in localization system, you can easily localize text, audio and visuals used for quests, achievements and dialogues in your Unity game.

In fact, any Unity.Engine.Object type can be localized, and since no programming is required, anyone on your team can help with the localization.

Advanced Waypoint System

Using the advanced waypoint system in Quest System Pro is easy, and allows you to setup custom NPC behavior based on player behavior.

As an example, you can have an NPC run towards the location of a quest item, wait for the player to catch up, then give the player a new quest and finally return to the place it came from.

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