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Grav Google Maps Plugin


The Google Maps plugin provides the Google Maps Javascript API as shortcode.


Typically a plugin should be installed via GPM (Grav Package Manager):

$ bin/gpm install google-maps

Alternatively it can be installed via the Admin Plugin


There is currently only one main plugin option for Google Maps and that is to set a Google API Key.

enabled: true

Quick Example

[google-maps width='100%' lat=44.540 lng=-78.546 zoom=13 scrollwheel=true panControl=true iconurl='/absolute/path/to/marker/icon.png']
***My Place***
This is my place

Available Parameters

  • width - map width in px or % | default 600px
  • height - map height in px or % | default 400px
  • lat - center of map and marker latitude | default 44.540
  • lng - center of map and marker longitude | default -78.546
  • zoom - map zoom | default 8
  • scrollwheel - if false, disables scrollwheel zooming on the map | default true
  • draggable - if false, prevents the map from being dragged | default true
  • panControl - the enabled/disabled state of the pan control. | default true
  • iconurl - absolute path to a custom marker icon
  • content - if content=json, then the optional content is json | default text

If content is not json, then the optional wrapped content is the infowindow content

If content=json, then the wrapped content is interpreted as a json string that defines a series of positions for each marker. The json string must be of the form:

{"key":"20:53", "lat":  22.42559832, "lng":  114.2123749  },
{"key":"21:09", "lat":  22.41401143, "lng":  114.21253759  },
{"key":"21:20", "lat":  22.42327849, "lng":  114.21259051  },
{"key":"21:42", "lat":  22.44140609, "lng":  114.17303335  }
  • key is a string that is placed into the title of the marker (the text appears onMouseOver the marker)
  • lat is the latitude
  • lng is the lattitude