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Available for all IntelliJ Platform based products (build number greater than 139.69/140.2). Settings | Plugins | Browse repositories -> type in Settings Repository.

Don't try to install plugin from disk — otherwise you have to be aware of compatibility.


Use File -> Settings Repository… to configure.

Specify URL of upstream Git repository. File URL is supported, you will be prompted to init repository if specified path is not exists or repository is not created. GitHub could be used to store settings.

Synchronization is performed automatically:

  • after successful completion of "Update Project" or "Push" actions,
  • on application exit or project close.

Also you can do sync using "VCS -> Sync Settings". The idea is do not disturb you. If you invoke such actions, so, you are ready to solve possible problems.


On first sync you will be prompted to specify username/password. In case of GitHub strongly recommended to use a personal access token (leave password empty if you use token instead of username). Remember when generating the token to check repo scope permission. Bitbucket — app password.

If you still want to use username/password instead of access token or your Git hosting provider doesn't support it, recommended to configure git credentials helper.

OS X Keychain is supported. It means that your credentials could be shared between all IntelliJ Platform based products (you will be prompted to grant access if origin application differs from requestor application (credentials were saved in IntelliJ IDEA, but requested from WebStorm).

How to report issues

Use JetBrains YouTrack — project IntelliJ IDEA, subsystem Settings Repository (issue template).


Plugin is part of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and bundled with IDEA 15, WebStorm 11 and PhpStorm 9.5. Please see This repository is archived.


Supports sharing settings between installations of IntelliJ Platform based products used by the same developer (or team) on different computers



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