Simple QML Demo to showcase Freescale/GPU features
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Signed-off-by: Gianni Valdambrini <>


This is a demo for the QtQuick/QML framework, part of Qt by Digia. This demo has been designed to run on an embedded device with multi-touch screen, but it can also be tested on Linux and Mac OSX.

The demo is released under the New BSD license (see LICENSE.bsd) by Develer, a consultancy company specialized in R&D software development with Qt (we are Qt Certified partners). We can help you make your QtQuick-based product, both on desktop and embedded platforms, just write us!

This is a preview of the demo:


How to run it

demo-qml is a standard QtQuick project, so you can simply load the project through Qt Creator and run it (or use qmake from the command line).