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A before, during and after checklist for Develop Denver speakers.
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Develop Denver Speaker Checklist


  • Rehearse out loud, but don't overdo it.
  • Planning a talk in your head and saying the words out loud are two different skills. Make sure you practice your talk.
  • Rehearse out loud to help you write the talk, not just when you’re “done.”

Avoid Over-Rehearsing

  • Decide if you want to have notes, and add them to your slide deck, or put them on paper.

Get Feedback

  • Give at least a part of your talk in front of another human and get feedback. Make changes based on that feedback.

Build Your Slidedeck

  • Spell check your slides.
  • Have a backup copy of your slides in case of issues with the internet.
    • Many presentation platforms have an option to export your slides as a PDF.
  • Keep the text on each slide short and powerful. Ideally, each slide could be a tweet on its own.
  • Credit your sources (code or design samples, images and gifs, etc.) especially if the material is copyrighted.
  • Include a slide that lists relevant resources from your talk.
  • Ensure your final slide says “Thank you” and shows your contact info (twitter, github, dribble, personal website, etc.).

Have a Contingency Plan

  • What will you do if the screen goes out? Network dies? Video won’t play? Your live demo stops working?
    • Record a screencast and have it saved on your computer if you are planning a live demo.



  • Silence notifications on your computer and your phone.


  • Use the microphone. This is required so that people with impaired hearing can hear you and so you can be heard on the video recording or if there is live-captioning.
  • Get closer to the microphone than you think you should (1-3 inches)

Posture and Position and Poise

  • Don’t lean on the podium.
  • Don’t use the podium to shield you from the audience.
  • Open your body language.
  • Talk slower than you think you should.


  • Add your slide deck and contact info to this github repo:
  • Great speakers thank their attendees and share their resources, so if you have a twitter account, send a tweet thanking people who attended and share your resources, including your slide deck. Use the hashtag #dvlpdnvr.
  • Celebrate! Preparing and giving a conference talk is a lot of work and you’re done! 🎉

Additional Resources

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