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DEVX & KICKICO community special presale collaboration between Developeo and Kickico to empower the real owners of Blockchain; a chance to participate on a special presale, which is the most advantageous part of the ICO in terms of financial gains. Developeo is offering this Special Presale for the DEVX community on KICKICO with the lowest prices per the DEVX token.During the PRE-ICO and ICO phase the prices will be significantly higher. (i.e 4x-5x-6x-7x-8x)

Limited Community Presale Kickico Price: 0.05$ + bonuses (This Monday)
Private Sale for Venture Capital: 0.05$ lesser bonuses
PREICO: 0.15$ to 0.25$
ICO: 0.30$ to 0.40$
Airdropalert estimated DEVX Token value: 10-15$

  • Developeo DEVX University, DEVX Bootcamps and DEVX Certification programs will ensure that the best next-gen intensive education in the most up-to-date curriculum will reach to its students.
  • Developeo University will be a pioneer in the studies of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Full Stack Programming, Deep Learning, VR/AR, Neural Networks, Data Science, Data Art, New-Age Architecture, Robotics, Smartwear and other related technologies to become available. These areas have been growing exponentially and will continue to do so, as their applications in real-life expand.
  • Some of the top Universities In the world, is currently showing a lot of interest to work within the scope of the Developeo DEVX University.
  • Bootcamps, University, Certification Programs, Marketplace, Advisory Services will be paid with either fiat or Developeo DEVX token. If paid with DEVX tokens, a 20% discount will be introduced automatically.
  • While the cost of a standard bootcamp is averaging $11,500 to $15,000 per student in the world currently, a whole bootcamp is projected to bring at least $1.3M in revenue to Developeo of which 20% will be distributed to the reward pool/instructors in DEVX tokens.
  • Also DEVX is planning to create its own blockchain next year (we are currently running on the ERC20). DEVX believes that the world will begin to utilize "smart contracts" as legal contracts of the future, it needs to be easy and manageable by everyone, students, parents, anyone.
  • DEVX plans to create a new smart contract system for managing the learning process (i.e admissions, registration, learning management and certification) and also will share this with the community so that it is accessible by everyone.
  • Also DEVX blockchain will be integrated with future banking systems. PSD2 Banking (Payment Service Directive) and API Banking will be the future of banking systems expected to be implemented during 2018 and we plan to create a One-Click-Student-Loans for our platforms; so students can have access to affordable student loans and manage their Student Loans (either in Fiat or DEVX Tokens) with just one click and apply to our admissions in seconds, all handled within DEVX platform.
  • Developeo also rewards every user of its platform, with Developeo tokens, for any open source contribution to any valid project in github. (Currently there are 27,000,000 Github Users)
  • Reward pool starts with 60,000,000 tokens and increases every day with Developeo’s own revenue models; sharing each of the revenue’s 20% with the reward pool. Also, when the tokens’ value increases, the reward increases in alignment.
  • Developeo has sponsored various events including but not limited to LONDON BLOCKCHAIN WEEK, DUBAI INTERNATIONAL BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT & DUBAI UNLOCK and Django Girls.