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Website for Fedora Developer Portal

Project Page | Content Repository | Website Repository

This repository contains Jekyll templates, CSS styles and images for the Fedora Developer Portal.

Please submit your ideas, bug reports or requests regarding:


The whole site is generated with Jekyll as a static site with some dynamic parts. Site search functionality is implemented in JavaScript and the index is pre-generated during the Jekyll build.

There is an script that replaces the blog posts section on the index page in the generated _site/ from the Fedora Planet.


We use Jekyll to generate the site, script to install development dependencies (on Fedora) and we also provide Vagrantfile and Dockerfile to spin up the whole development environment. content repository is a git submodule.

See our development guide on how to run the site locally for development.

To build the site run jekyll build or jekyll serve. You need to install dependencies first.


We have some basic Capybara/Webkit test specifications that can help you to notice if something broke. They will also check all internal links between pages so you should also run them to test changes in content repository.

To execute the test suite run rspec spec. You need to install dependencies first and the site has to be already generated and available in _site/ folder.


Contributions are welcome! You can find us on freenode under #developer-portal if you have any further questions.