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An HTML Javascript tab panel dock that can be used on the left, right, top, or bototm. Similar to creately right dock or similar to visual studio fly out panels.
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Doug Mason authored


this is the html javascript dock code base written in javascript, html and using web forms. the dock stuff is css and javascript and jquery framework which can be parsed out of the vs2010 solution and used in any web framework such as php, ruby, phyton, etc, to name a few. i this dock was inspired on the creately web app which can be found at and the vs2010 fly out tabs. i was curious as to how this might be done, so i came up my own implementation.

--developerDoug 06192011:1232 GMT-5,
at the moment, the dock only works on the right. when you check this code out, you'll notice that i have the left nav html commented out and the jquery hooks commented out because i haven't got the dock to work on the left yet. when i started this little project, i focused mainly on the right. when i have more time, i'll update or if others notice this, others are free to ask me to become collaborators and update and extend this code. one will also notice that i have prototype.js in my project but am not using it. the main reason is, i was focusing on using this where i currently work, and the code base does not use prototype but instead uses jquery. jquery and prototype dont really get along that well. yes, one is able to use the jquery.noConflict() and in the early phase of this little project, i did just that. but, i felt it won't be as clean to put into place at work, so i chose to create my own javascript class using the built pieces from the javascript language. i think, at some point, i'll branch and update that new branch to use prototype. anyway, that'll all i have for now. -- happy coding :)
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