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Developer Camp 2018 – notes, sessions, and everything else
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About this Repository

If you would like to share your notes, repositories, sketches, photos, ... you made during Developer Camp with other attendees, just paste a link to them, here.

You would like to learn more? Take a look at what happened at #devcamp17 in the official repository.

Btw: Did you know that there's a new event called DevCamp.create? It's a barcamp covering topics like User Experience, UI Design, Design Thinking and much more. And the best of all: It's taking place at the same location and at the same time. So if you are taking part at one of the two barcamps you are able to join the sessions from the other Barcamp.


Description (keep it firm)


For those of you who would like to keep up with things on Twitter, there is a handy list for you: Feel free to add your twitter handle as well.


We would like to see your feedback! So use the Feedback section and share your thoughts.

More Information

Thank you very much. For more information please visit or


We are going to provide a timetable. Even for mobile Devices – check out Stay tuned!


Freitag 11:00 12:00 14:00 15:00 16:15 17:15 18:15
Raum 1.002 DevCamp.create Agil vs. klassisch Scaling Agile Wie bringe ich Design Thinking ins Unternehmen? Design Thinking vs. Human Centered Design Better together: Agile Methoden KlimBim Was ist UX? UX in agilen Teams
Raum 1.003 Security – sichere Anmeldung: Google, Facebook, FIDO Modernes CSS – was kommt nach BEM? UX vs. CLI Web scraping (mit Python) WAF bei der Heimautomatisierung Von Null auf Monaden: Haskell-Einführung --
Raum 1.005 -- Drohnen: Multicopter GraphQL + Symfony + VueJS Word-Dokumente mit PHPWord VIM! SAP & Agile Erfahrungsaustausch zu Intranet
Raum 1.006 Monitoring & Alerting (Metriken & Hands-on) Redux coden Modellgetriebene Entwicklung mit Xtext und Xtend DevOps Produktkonfigurator ganz einfach Journey to the cloud --
Raum 1.010 -- Jenkins, dirty tricks Home Automation Wie hast du was gelernt? Links sammeln Java Clean Code Ubongo Flow Softskills für Softwareentwickler
Raum 1.013 -- TypeScript: Jump'n Run REST-APIs mit API-Plattform (Symfony) ASP.NET Core MVC Intro AWS Elastic Beanstalk Ethereum Smart Contract --
Hackspace Domain-driven Design: Diskussion ASK for: Frontend-Testing TypeScript & Webpack Tooling Frontend-Coffee -- -- --


Samstag 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 14:00 15:00 16:00
Raum 1.002 DevCamp.create -- Workshop "Design Challenge" Workshop "Design Challenge" Workshop "Design Challenge" Kreativität für Einsteiger Break UX Design-Methoden-Bingo
Raum 1.003 -- Component-based CSS Webpack Power up your ZSH Building a legacy – heute die Altlasten von morgen bauen Application Performance Monitoring mit Prometheus Software Craftsmanship
Raum 1.005 -- Dependency Integration in Swift Scheme Die Reise von 5 PDF-Erstellungssystemen zu einem Mit Wörtern rechnen Laravel Backpack PowerPoint-Karaoke
Raum 1.006 Anti-Pattern in Code & Architektur Björn lernt PHP ASK for: VoiP Dezentralisierte Apps Stoneage Team Game Programmierunterricht in der Schuldbildung --
Raum 1.010 -- Microservice mit Spring Boot & Docker One size fits all – PostgreSQL als (No)SQL-Datenbank AWS für SaaS-Backend Was ist Kubernetes? ReCREWtment in der IT Einführung in Docker
Raum 1.013 -- Self-Contained System Softwareentwicklung in der Sackgasse NixOS – Deklarative Linux-Distribution Ein-Blick-e: Raspberry 2 Laravel-Einführung --
Hackspace -- -- -- Erwartung an den Entwickler bei Beförderung zu Manager Shopware 6 Docker-Images mit Nix bauen zur Verbesserung der Reproduzierbarkeit --
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