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<title>Apache Setup</title>
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<h2 class="pNewHTMLPage">Unit Tests</h2>
<p class="pNewHTMLPage"><strong><a href="instructions.html">Instructions</a></strong> | <a href="apidocs/index.html">API Docs</a> | <a href="apache.html">Apache Setup</a> | <a href="php.html">PHP Setup</a> | <strong>Unit Tests </strong></p>
<hr />
<p>The included unit tests are based on PHPUnit2 and Phing. PHPUnit2 provides the testing framework while Phing is an ANT based build system. <span class="pHeading2">The current version of PHPUnit2 as this is written is 2.3.5. The current version of Phing is </span>2.1.1. PHP 5.1.2 is also required. </p>
<h3 class="pHeading2">Installation</h3>
<p class="pHeading2">You can install PHPUnit2 using the PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) installer. On the command-line in your PHP5 home directory, simply type:</p>
<code class="cCode">pear install PHPUnit2</code>
<p class="pHeading2">Due to the changing nature of the Phing documentation as this is written, please refer to <a href=""></a> for the latest installation instructions.. </p>
<p class="pHeading2">This document will assume <code class="cCode">C:\dev\php5</code> as your PHP base directory. </p>
<h3 class="pHeading2">Build, Configure, and Deploy </h3>
<p>Edit <code class="cCode"><em>DOC_ROOT</em>/php-soap/test/SforcePartnerClientTest.php</code> and modify the following to match your account: </p>
<code class="cCode"> private $username = &quot;;;<br />
private $password = &quot;changeme&quot;;</code>
<p>A <code>partner.wsdl.xml</code> file is packaged with the toolkit. If for some reason you need a newer version you will need to obtain it from your ADN account. Log into your ADN account and access the setup area. Under 'Integrate' in the left-hand panel you will find the WSDL generator. Select 'Integrate' and then choose the Partner WSDL from the main window. Simply write over the existing <code>partner.wsdl.xml</code> that comes with this toolkit. </p>
<h3 class="pHeading2">Run</h3>
<li> Open a CMD prompt.<br />
<li>Navigate to <code class="cCode">DOC_ROOT/php-soap/test/</code></li>
<li>Type &quot;phing&quot;</li>
The tests results can be found in <code class="cCode">DOC_ROOT/php-soap/test/reports/index.html</code>.The log file containing any exception is outputted to <code class="cCode">DOC_ROOT/php-soap/test/reports/logfile.xml</code>.
<h3 class="pHeading2">Tips / Troubleshooting</h3>
<p class="pHeading2">&nbsp;</p>