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Salesforce Wear Pack for Pebble


Salesforce1 Pebble Dashboard comes with all the required code to connect to your Pebble Watch to your Salesforce instance (Org). The application will connect using OAuth and use the Salesforce Analytics APIs to pull the totals from three reports and display the information as a dashboard on the watch screen. The application will enable easy access to critical business data in an unobtrusive way. With the real-time nature of the data collected in Salesforce, the Salesforce1 Pebble Dashboard will now make it easy to keep an eye on those critical metrics.

The Pebble Dashboard app will display the information that is important to you in a similar format to the following image.

Every time you access the Pebble Dashboard app or click on one of the report line items, the application will use the Analytics API to make a REST call to request the udpated numbers from Salesforce and display the totals from the Salesforce Report.

The above image enables a manager to see their important metrics.

  • Track the SLA the statistics to understand the daily trending patterns before it is too late to address an issue.

  • Monitor the team's financial measurements for daily, weekly or quarterly attainment to help direct the team's focus to meet identified targets.

  • See the number of urgent Case or Tickets that are outstanding and need to be resolved so they know if the team's assignments should be modified to address the caseload.

The same process could be focused on individual users interests.

  • My open cases assigned for completion today would let me track my progress and allocate my time appropriately.

  • The percentage of my sales attainment for this month reminds me of my target and monthly progress.

  • Number of seats remaining in a class or other scheduled event to easily see key information that I may need to share with my clients.

Or take this sample code and expand it to display or enter any information your highly mobile team requires.

This sample application is part of the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, a collection of open-source starter apps that let you quickly design and build wearable apps that connect to the Salesforce1 Platform.

Getting Started

Please refer to the getting started guide for details on how to run and test the app and about the underlying app architecture and code.