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Salesforce Wear Pack for Samsung Gear 2

This Salesforce Wear Pack is for Samsung Gear 2 Wearable and includes an architecture overview article along with a sample application to get you started building applications which integrate Salesforce with Samsung Gear 2.

Samsung Gear wearables like Gear 2, Gear 2 neo, etc., all need a 'host' android app through which they communicate with the external World.

Because of the way Samsung Gear 2 works, you will be building two apps:

  1. An Android App that talks to Salesforce and authenticates user.
  2. A Tizen web app that communicates with the android app and displays info on the watch.

####Compatibility One caveat is that these android apps must be running in a compitable Samsung phones or tablets and won't work on devices from other manufacturers like Google or LG. See the list of compatible devices here (scroll down to the bottom).

##Tizen OS

Samsung Gear 2 watch itself doesn't run Android Operating System. Instead it runs on Samsung's open-source Tizen OS that's built in C++. Tizen OS allows people to build apps in either HTML5 or C++ (native). However Samsung Gear 2 only allows us to build HTML5 apps.

Getting Started

###Today Example App To help you get started this repo comes with a sample app called "TodayApp". It has a simple android app that does authentication and sends Salesforce user's "Today's meetings" to the watch from Salesforce Calendar.

To get started, go through the instructions on the readme inside the TodayApp sample.