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Dreamforce 13 Developer Keynote - Salesforce1 App Demo

Demos are sets of step-by-step guides designed to help you learn to use key capabilities of the Salesforce platform. Each demo provides instructions that guide you through the process of developing an application.

In this demo, you will use an application called Opinionator to learn about some of the key components of the Salesforce1 platform, including:

  • Force Command-line Interface (CLI)
  • Mobile Visualforce Components & Pages
  • Report Types and Reports
  • Mobile Cards
  • Publisher Actions (Quick Actions)
  • Compact Views

To get started please begin with these Setup Instructions.

To see these demos in action please watch Dave Carroll in the Developer Keynote at Dreamforce 13.

Repository Structure

This demo has the following repository structure:

  • root: In the root folder of this repository you will find the script for this demo, Before starting the demo, make sure you have followed all the required steps indicated in the

  • assets: In the assets folder you will find all the dependencies required for this demo. The file provides you with instructions on how to use this content.

  • src: In the src folder you will find source code used in this demo. The file provides you with instructions on how to use these files.

Contributing to the Repository

If you find any issues or opportunities for improving this demo, fix them! Feel free to contribute to this project by forking this repository and make changes to the content. Once you've made your changes, share them back with the community by sending a pull request. Please see How to send pull requests for more information about contributing to Github projects.

Reporting Issues

If you find any issues with this demo that you can't fix, feel free to report them in the issues section of this repository.