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This is a basic plugin to allow PayPal Here, to be used with WooCommerce for use in popup stores or self serve booths this allows a merchant to be able to quickly and easily accept in-person credit cards
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WooCommerce PayPal Here Module

This module allows WooCommerce stores to be used with the PayPal Here Sideloader API as part of a checkout allowing in-person payments to be done via a normal WooCommerce checkout.

The PayPal Here button will only show in the cart for the wordpress admin user or any wordpress accounts setup with the PayPal Here role (this will be setup when the plugin is activated).

This means you can issue specific merchant accounts that will only have the PayPal Here button at time of checkout. Regular users will not see the button (that was tricky to setup but so much cleaner).


This demo uses

  • WooCommerce 2.4
  • PayPal Here card reader with the PayPal Here app installed on the device to be used for checkout, note for this you will also need a PayPal Here Merchant account (normal PayPal Merch account thats been activated for PayPal Here).
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