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btnFileOpen=Select .NSP files
btnUpload=Upload to NS
logsEnteredAsMsg1=You have been entered as:
logsEnteredAsMsg2=You should be root or have configured 'udev' rules for this user to avoid any issues.
logsFilesToUploadTitle=Files to upload:
logsGreetingsMessage=Welcome to NS-USBloader
logsNoFolderFileSelected=No files selected: nothing to upload.
windowBodyConfirmExit=Data transfer is in progress and closing this application will interrupt it.\nIt's the worse thing you can do now.\nInterrupt proccess and exit?
windowTitleConfirmExit=No, don't do this!
Dmitry Isaenko []
windowTitleConfirmWrongPFS0=Incorrect file type
windowBodyConfirmWrongPFS0=Selected NSP file has incrrect starting symbols. Most likely it's corrupted.\n\
It's better to interrupt proccess now. Continue process anyway?
tableFileNameLbl=File name
contextMenuBtnDeleteAll=Remove all
netTabHostIPLbl=Host IP
NSIPlable=NS IP:
netTabValidateNSHostNameCb=Always validate NS IP input.
windowBodyBadIp=Are you sure that you entered NS IP address correctly?
windowTitleBadIp=IP address of NS most likely incorrect
netTabExpertModeCb=Expert mode
netTabAutoDetectIpCb=Auto-detect IP
netTabRandSelectPortCb=Randomly get port
netTabDontServeRequestsCb=Don't serve requests
netTabDontServeRequestsDescription=If selected, this computer won't reply to NSP files requests coming from NS (over the net) and use defined host settings to tell TinFoil where should it look for files.
windowTitleErrorPort=Port set incorrectly!
windowBodyErrorPort=Port can't be 0 or greater than 65535.
netTabAutoCheckForUpdates=Auto check for updates
windowTitleNewVersionAval=New version available
windowTitleNewVersionNOTAval=No new versions available
windowTitleNewVersionUnknown=Unable to check for new versions
windowBodyNewVersionUnknown=Something went wrong\nMaybe internet unavailable, or GitHub is down
windowBodyNewVersionNOTAval=You're using the latest version
netTabAllowXciCb=Allow XCI files selection for TinFoil
netTabAllowXciTextField=Used by some third-party applications that support XCI and utilizes TinFoil transfer protocol. Don't change if not sure.
windowBodyRestartToApplyLang=Please restart application to apply changes.
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