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Getting the real-time debugging info by Skype4Py,Log4php,RabbitMQ

When our web application have error ocurred,i must be logged inserver,and

tail -f /var/log/daily_$date.log |grep 'somthing'

to find if there is error information about it.

And a new method to getting the debugging message from skype, or from other instant message client ?

Right, we are using Skype now, because our team use it to commulicate with each other. You can use others like xmpp clients,and so on.

Setp1. Install required python modules

  • pika (or py-amqp)
  • logging
  • Skype4Py

You can install those modules by setuptools,about setuptools details you can see the article Charming Python: Hatch Python eggs with setuptools

easy_install pika
easy_install logging
easy_install Skype4Py

Setp2. Adding LoggerAppenderRabbitMQ to log4php/appenders directory

Step3. Setting the file

This is a example:

; DailyFile
log4php.appender.dailyfile                          = LoggerAppenderDailyFile
log4php.appender.dailyfile.layout                   = LoggerLayoutPattern
;log4php.appender.dailyfile.threshold               = INFO

; For details of Conversion Character
; See

log4php.appender.dailyfile.layout.ConversionPattern = "%d{ISO8601} [%p] [%c] %m : %l%n"
log4php.appender.dailyfile.datePattern              = Ymd
log4php.appender.dailyfile.file                     = /tmp/daily_%s.log

; Skypebot useing rabbitmq
log4php.appender.skypebot                           = LoggerAppenderRabbitMQ
log4php.appender.skypebot.layout                    = LoggerLayoutPattern
log4php.appender.skypebot.layout.ConversionPattern  = "%d{ISO8601} [%p] %c: %m (at %F line %L)%n"                      = localhost
log4php.appender.skypebot.port                      = 5672
log4php.appender.skypebot.user                      = guest
log4php.appender.skypebot.password                  = guest
log4php.appender.skypebot.virtualHost               = /                  = x.fetch.debugging
log4php.appender.skypebot.queue                     = q.fetch.debugging
log4php.appender.skypebot.routingKey                = r.fetch.debugging

Step4. Install and Setting the rabbitmq server

About installation and configuration of the rabbitmq server, you can see following links on rabbitmq official site.

Setp5. Run the daemon and the client

When the is running, it will connecting to rabbitmq server by configuration of in src directory.

So please make sure your rabbitmq server is configured correctly before start it.Such as exchange name,queue name,and routing bindings.


And, you can use pandoc to convert markdown to textile or textile to markdown, or others wikitext formats. The READEME.textile is generated by

pandoc -f markdown -t textile -o README.textile

That's all !