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🦊 πŸ“‚ A dropbox client powered by Preact, Electron and Photon
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A dropbox client powered by Preact, Electron and Photon.

Download Dropfox ➞

Note: building the app requires a Dropbox API Key, specified as DROPBOX_API_KEY env var.

If you need a key, generate one here.


npm install

Run for Development

Runs a local copy of Electron (via electron-prebuilt), rendering the app with Live-Reload / HMR via webpack-dev-server.

Note: you may need to reload (Cmd/Ctrl + R) after the initial Webpack build completes.

npm start


To build the app for OS X, Linux, and Windows, using electron-packager:

npm run build

Platform-Specific Builds

You can also build the codebase, and then package it only for a given platform:

# build the electron & web source:
npm run build:all

# generate the package for your platform(s):
npm run build:electron:osx
npm run build:electron:linux
npm run build:electron:win


MIT Β© Jason Miller

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