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🚀 Beautiful desktop apps with Preact + Photon ❤️
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A little wrapper around photon to make it cake to use via preact (or React *).

This requires that you already have the photon CSS included in your app.

What does it look like?

Well, this: Preact + Photon = <3 (@ CodePen or JSFiddle)


import { h, render } from 'preact';
import { Header, Title, Footer, Button } from 'preact-photon';

/** Example app component */
const App = () => (
	<div id="app">
			<Title>Great App</Title>
			<Button icon="home">Home</Button>

			Hello there.

			<span>Some great content here.</span>

render(<App />, document.body);

Quick Start App

See preact-photon-electron-quick-start for a batteries-included starter app.



* ... though I haven't tested it.

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