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Preact Redux Example

A 9kb Preact + Redux boilerplate built with Preact CLI, implementing a To-Do List app.

As of v2, now wonderfully simplified via preact-redux (no more preact-compat!).

Quick-Start Guide


1. Clone this repo:

git clone my-app
cd my-app

2. Make it your own:

rm -rf .git && git init && npm init

ℹ️ This re-initializes the repo and sets up your NPM project.

3. Install the dependencies:

npm install

You're done installing! Now let's get started developing.

Development Workflow

4. Start a live-reload development server:

PORT=8080 npm run dev

This is a full web server nicely suited to your project. Any time you make changes within the src directory, it will rebuild and even refresh your browser.

5. Generate a production build in ./build:

npm run build

You can now deploy the contents of the build directory to production!

Example: deploy to

npm i surge && surge build -d


Apps are built up from simple units of functionality called Components. A Component is responsible for rendering a small part of an application, given some input data called props, generally passed in as attributes in JSX. A component can be as simple as:

class Link extends Component {
  render({ to, children }) {
    return <a href={ to }>{ children }</a>;
// usage:
<Link to="/">Home</Link>