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🏗️ Automatically move a module into a Web Worker (Webpack loader)
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A webpack loader that moves a module and its dependencies into a Web Worker, automatically reflecting exported functions as asynchronous proxies.

  • Bundles a tiny, purpose-built RPC implementation into your app
  • If exported module methods are already async, signature is unchanged
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous worker functions
  • Works beautifully with async/await
  • Imported value is instantiable, just a decorated Worker


npm install -D workerize-loader



// block for `time` ms, then return the number of loops we could run in that time:
export function expensive(time) {
    let start =,
        count = 0
    while ( - start < time) count++
    return count

index.js: (our demo)

import worker from 'workerize-loader!./worker'

let instance = worker()  // `new` is optional

instance.expensive(1000).then( count => {
    console.log(`Ran ${count} loops`)



Type: Boolean Default: false

You can also inline the worker as a BLOB with the inline parameter

// webpack.config.js
  loader: 'workerize-loader',
  options: { inline: true }


import worker from 'workerize-loader?inline!./worker'

About Babel

If you're using Babel in your build, make sure you disabled commonJS transform. Otherwize, workerize-loader won't be able to retrieve the list of exported function from your worker script :

    test: /\.js$/,
    loader: "babel-loader",
    options: {
        presets: [
                    modules: false,


The inner workings here are heavily inspired by worker-loader. It's worth a read!


MIT License © Jason Miller

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