[DEPRECATED] An API for Landsat Metadata using Elastic Search
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Landsat8 Metadata API

Important: This tool is retired and no longer maintianed. Please use sat-api.

A version of sat-api with Landsat metadata is accessible here.

This is an API for NASA/USGS Landsat-8 images. Landsat-api enables you to make geospatial, date and text queries on Landsat-8 metadata.

The metadata is released in csv format by USGS on a daily basis. You can download the raw metadata from here.

Download and install the lastest version of elastic search zip from ES website

Landsat-api powers a number of projects including Libra and AstroDigtal's Imagery Browser.




Install packages

$: npm install

Set environment variables on your system or add an .env file to the root directory of the app:

  • DB_TYPE=mongo choices are mongo or es
  • ES_HOST=example.com:9200 if you are using ElasticSearch
  • MONGODB_URL=mongodb://user:pass@example.com:11111/db_name if you use MongoDb
  • AREA_LIMIT=500000 The area limit in (sq. km) for use in geo-spatial queries.
  • REDIS_USE=true Whether to active the caching. Default is false.
  • REDIS_HOST= default is
  • REDIS_PASSWORD=redispassword Redis db password. Default is null.
  • REDIS_DATABASE=myredisdb Name of the redis db. Default is null.
  • REDIS_PORT=6379 Redis port. Default is 6379.
  • LANDSAT_PAYLOAD_LIMIT Limit of payload size for POST in bytes. Default is 2048000.


To run the api:

$ node index.js

To run the database updater

$ node updater.js

Note: updater.js works with MongoDb. If you plan to update an ElasticSearch installation replace updater.js with examples found here.


$ npm test