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Aggregates JavaScript, CSS and any other text files for serving them to browsers with express. Supports wrapping and postprocessing outputs. A mirror can contain files, plain source code or other mirrors.


var mirror = require('mirror');

// Mirror guesses the MIME type based on the first file's extension.
var styles = new mirror([
    __dirname + '/assets/main.css',
    __dirname + '/assets/layout.css'

// Proving direct source input requires specifying the MIME type manually.
var configuration = new mirror([
    // Mirror automatically inserts line breaks and semicolons before/after
    // each item in a "js" type mirror.
    mirror('var basepath = "/"'),
    mirror('var config = ' + JSON.stringify(config)),

    // You can add functions to the mirror. They will be called on each request.
    mirror(function(callback, req, res) {
        callback(null, 'var url = ' + JSON.stringify(req.url));
], {
    type: 'js',
    maxAge: 60  // Only cache configuration file for 60 seconds.

// Store the array of files and remove or add files on-the-fly.
var files = [

    // Add other mirrors

// Add the mirrors to your express server.
app.get('/assets/style.css', styles.handler);
app.get('/assets/configuration.json', configuration.handler);
app.get('/assets/scripts.js', (new mirror(files, { minify: true })).handler);

NOTE: Mirror loads the requested files from disk for every request. It is meant to run behind a reverse proxy that caches. You can control the cache time with maxAge (in seconds) in the options hash.


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