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Update my website minimizing offline time

Websu is designed specifically for this:

  • it prepares a fresh copy of your website
  • and switches to the new version only when the copy of all the files is done
  • it works under apache httpd, does not work for IIS

Quick start

  • download websu.php and parameters.php and put them into the root folder of yout website
  • user example password secret
  • run update website
  • go to root folder, you should see "It Works" page


  1. Check php.ini
    allow_url_fopen = On
  1. Check PHP version 5 or above
  2. Check and eventually open issue here on github

Initial setup

  • websu is written in PHP so make sure your web server support php (version 5 or above) language
  • enable the following in php.ini
    allow_url_fopen = On
  • make sure php can write and modify file and directories
  • copy websu.php into the root folder of your website
  • zip your pages and put somewere, can be a dropbox link or whatever
  • make a text file with the version name as the content and put somewhere
  • copy and modify parameters.php
  • test installation http://<your-website>/websu.php and update website

Some capabilities

  • autoupdate: only few clicks and get last version
  • update webite only in case of new version available
  • user/password protection
  • shows nicely on mobile


websu main page websu file page