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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Oct 1, 2021

  • improved auto-tune for LHR GPUs, now miner speedup performance when GPU is steady
  • removed --lhr_tune1 / --lhr_tune2 parameters, use --lhr_tune to tune LHR GPUs (value range is -10 - 10, old parameters ignored for compatibility)
  • display current --lhr_tune value and current kernel in statistics table
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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Sep 24, 2021

  • added auto-tune for LHR GPUs (enabled by default, to disable pass --lhr_autotune 0)
  • fixed RavenCoin support under Windows 7
  • increased reconnect tries on connection loss (--reconnect_count)
  • improved miner stability
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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Sep 15, 2021

  • detect lock of LHR GPUs, automatically unlock and continue mining
  • display of miner restart count by watchdog
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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Sep 12, 2021

  • partial LHR cards unlock without additional power consumption
  • use --lhr 1 to force enable unlock for RTX 3060 V1
  • use --lhr_tune1/lhr_tune2 to tune unlock parameters, positive values increase performance, negative values decrease probability of lock
  • miner requires latest Nvidia drivers(470+), to update Nvidia drivers under Hive OS run "nvidia-driver-update" command in terminal
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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Aug 25, 2021

  • improved KAWPOW (Ravencoin) performance under Linux on Nvidia GPUs
  • added AMD implementation for KAWPOW (Ravencoin)
  • improved compatibility with Ethash pools
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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Aug 18, 2021

  • fixed floating hashrate reporting (appeared in v2.64)
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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Aug 5, 2021

  • performance improvements for Ethash on Nvidia GPUs(20 and 30 series) under Linux (RaveOS, HiveOS, MMPOS and others)
  • fixed zombie mode for Ravencoin
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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Jul 23, 2021

  • fixed periodic miner restarts under Linux
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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Jul 21, 2021

  • fixed performance degradation on mining edition Nvidia GPUs when using memory tweaks (appears in 2.61, reboot required)
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@develsoftware develsoftware released this Jul 19, 2021

  • contest, use GMiner and win ETH, read contest rules below

contest rules:

  1. you need to use gminer from version 2.61 or higher
  2. for participation in contest, you need to run miner with "--contest_wallet ETH_WALLET" parameter, accordingly specifying a valid Eth wallet in the parameter (for example: --contest_wallet 0x5218597d48333d4a70cce91e810007b37e2937b5)
  3. condition for participation in contest is use of gminer on any algorithm and with any hashrate with --contest_wallet parameter for at least 72 hours
  4. each rig participating in contest has same weight regardless of hashrate (from laptop to rig with 20 cards)
  5. miner notifies contest server every hour of continuous work, server remembers number of hours worked and wallet for contest specified in --contest_wallet parameter
  6. user ID is set of hardware IDs, there is no point in running multiple copies of the miner in parallel on same rig, this does not increase chances of winning
  7. miner running on multiple rigs, even with same Eth wallet specified in the --contest_wallet parameter, increases chances of winning in proportion to number of rigs
  8. server stores number of hours worked, miner can be restarted without losing accumulated time
  9. in process of working with --contest_wallet parameter, current progress in fulfilling conditions of contest is displayed under statistics table (for example, Contest: 7/72)
  10. in order to become participant in contest and fulfill the necessary conditions, period of time equal to a week is given
  11. at end of contest, data about users (serial number, unique identifier, Eth wallet) who have fulfilled all conditions are uploaded to numbered list and placed in public access
  12. five winners are selected from public list of participants using online roulette in live broadcast
  13. each of winners is sent certain amount of coins to Eth wallet specified in the --contest_wallet parameter

Join our telegram group for more details:

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