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ElasticSearch AEM Integration

This bundle provides a Replication Agent that can be used to index AEM Pages / DAM Assets on activation. Furthermore some helper to perform a search are implemented.


You can build this bundle from source using Maven:

mvn clean install

To install it into an Apache Sling Environment (or AEM), use the sling:install command:

mvn sling:install -Dsling.url=http://localhost:PORT

For the initial installation, you should use the complete project which bundles all dependencies into a single artifact.



After a successful installation, visit the System Configuration and setup a ElasticSearch Search Provider.

NOTE: Currently no authentication is supported.

The next step is to setup a Replication Agent in /etc/replication/ Although the edit mode provides numberous options, currently only Enabled and Serialization Type are used.

To enable the Agent, click the Enabled checkbox, select Elastic Search Index Content as Serialization Type and enter any url (e.g. http://foo).

Now you are ready and can test the Connection. If everything works as expected, you should now see the default response from your ElasticSearch installation.

31.12.2016 15:33:02 - { "name" : "JhCSfm7", "cluster_name" : "elasticsearch", "cluster_uuid" : "eaCZcjuYRn-sTRZFKn-eIg", "version" : { "number" : "5.1.1", "build_hash" : "5395e21", "build_date" : "2016-12-06T12:36:15.409Z", "build_snapshot" : false, "lucene_version" : "6.3.0" }, "tagline" : "You Know, for Search" }

Add template to ElasticSearch

You can find a Template for ElasticSearch Mappings in /misc/template_aem.json. It includes some settings required to filter search results by path or template.

To install it, either use your favorite tool (e.g. Kibana) or curl:

curl -X POST -d @misc/template_aem.json http://localhost:9200/_template/aem

Index custom fields

For each entry the path is index. In addion the following fields are indexed by default:


  • jcr:title
  • jcr:description
  • cq:template
  • cq:lastModified


  • dc:title
  • dc:description
  • jcr:lastModified

You can configure additional fields by creating a ElasticSearch Index Configuration in System Configuration.


Currently the following essential features are missing:

  • No Authentication is supported
  • The used Index is hardcoded (idx)
  • Only one ElasticSearch Host is supported
  • The mapping has to be installed manually
  • No Reindexing Support
  • Configure Mapping in ElasticSearch Index Configuration
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