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Object Detection using a pretrained Model

This sample project uses the YOLOv3 model to detect different types of objects (80 classes, defined by the COCO Dataset).


First of all you need to download the two different weight files and place them in the models/yolo* folders. This can be done automatically using


Each script allows you to pass a spatial size as parameter. The following values can be used:

  • tiny
  • 320 (default)
  • 416
  • 608

Depending on the choosen size, the detection might run quite slow. Tiny uses a different model which is optimized for small devices.


python3 -s tiny

You can exit each script by pressing q and if you require additional help run it with the -h flag. and

Those scripts use either a Webcam or a File as input and show the result of the detection. If you do not pass a file as input, the script tries to use your webcam. You can find some example images in the data/ directory.


# Use webcam
# Use image
python3 -i data/cat1.jpg

This script iterates through all images in the given folder, performs an object detection on them and writes the result into target/.


# All images in date/
python3 data/
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