This repo is for distribution of DevExtreme Complete product.
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DevExtreme Complete

This repo is for distribution of the DevExtreme product with Bower.

DevExtreme supplies HTML/JS tools for mobile and web development.

  • A blazing-fast HTML5 Data Grid and rich libraries of high-performance touch-enabled data visualization and UI widgets
    DevExtreme ships with a rich library of client-side widgets that can be used in any web application and on any website.

  • DevExtreme SPA framework
    DevExtreme allows you to build HTML/JS applications that can be packed as native mobile applications using the PhoneGap Build and can then be installed on mobile devices. When installed, DevExtreme applications look and behave like native mobile applications.


To install with bower, run the following command:

bower install devextreme


To start with DevExtreme, go through the steps given on the start page of the documentation.


Take a look at the DevExtreme demos:

  • sample real-world apps built using the DevExtreme tools;
  • a vast collection of code samples illustrating the usage of DevExtreme widgets.


Read about DevExtreme licensing here:


In case of any questions regarding the use of DevExtreme, please refer to our Support Center.