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Self Hosted Movie, Series and Anime Watch List
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Build Status

Flox is a self hosted Movie, Series and Animes watch list. It's build on top of Laravel and Vue.js and uses The Movie Database API. The rating based on an 3-Point system for good, medium and bad.

Try live demo and login with demo / demo to add new movies or change ratings.




git clone
cd flox/backend
composer install
php artisan flox:init # Enter here your database credentials
php artisan flox:db # Running migrations and enter your admin credentials for the site
  • Give backend/storage, public/assets and public/exports recursive write access.
  • Enter your TMDb API-Key in backend/.env
  • Set your CLIENT_URI in backend/.env. If you use something like XAMPP or MAMP, the CLIENT_URI should be /flox/public. If you use something like Homestead, the CLIENT_URI should be /.
# CLIENT_URI=/flox/public

# CLIENT_URI=/subfolder/for/flox/public



If you hover over an item, you can click on Suggestions to search for recommendations and similar movies or shows.

Popular Movies

Trending will display a list of the current popular movies on TMDb. This list updates daily.

Upcoming Movies

Upcoming will display new movies which will be released soon. TMDb do not yet support regional queries but this is coming soon.


For each update i will make an extra release. These are the common steps to upgrade flox:

git fetch
git checkout x.x.x
cd backend
composer install
php artisan migrate

If you go to the settings page of your installation, flox will automatically check for new updates.

Export / Import

Also you can make a backup of all your movies and shows in the settings page. If you click the EXPORT MOVIES button, there will be an download for an json file. This file contains all your movies and shows from your database. This backup file will also be automatically saved in your public/exports folder.

If you import an backup, all movies and shows in your database will be deleted and replaced. Be sure to make an current backup before you import. The import will download all poster images.


All titles are in english by default. You can change your language by setting TRANSLATION in backend/.env. The most commons are DE, IT, FR, ES and RU. You can try to use your language code.

This will also affect the language of you website. See in client/resources/languages if your language is supported. Pull requests are welcome :)

If there isn't a translation for your language, english will be used.

Better Search

You can use Laravel Scout for better search results with typos. Something like findg nemo. Add your driver and API-Keys in backend/.env and uncomment use Searchable; in backend/app/Item.php on line 11.

To sync your own list with your Laravel Scout driver, run php artisan flox:sync (If you using Laravel Scout later).

Algolia is a great service and has a free hacker plan.

Note: This works only for your database.


You can edit your admin account (username and password) in the settings page (link is in footer).

You can also set options to display release date and/or genre of your own list. Both will still display on search, trending and upcoming.

There is an option to enable or disable spoiler protection for episode names.



  • Run npm install or yarn in your /client folder.
  • Make sure you have installed webpack globally.
  • Run npm run dev or npm run build.


Like this project? Want to contribute? Awesome! Feel free to open some pull requests or just open an issue.


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.


Flox is published under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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