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Yii2 multilingual component

Allows building yii2 apps for multiple languages using regional URL's and domains

Build Status

Quick start:

WARNING: This extension is under active development.

For support - join DotPlant2 gitter channel.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist devgroup/yii2-multilingual "*"

or add

"devgroup/yii2-multilingual": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


Configure your application

In your web.php config add the following components:

        // URL Manager is needed to build correct URL's
        'urlManager' => [
            'class' => \DevGroup\Multilingual\components\UrlManager::className(),
            'excludeRoutes' => [
            'rules' => [
                '' => 'post/index',
        // this is the main language and geo detection component
        'multilingual' => [
            'class' => \DevGroup\Multilingual\Multilingual::className(),
            // the list of handlers that will try to detect information(see also sypex-geo-daemon provider)
            'handlers' => [
                    'class' => \DevGroup\Multilingual\DefaultGeoProvider::className(),
                    'default' => [
                        'country' => [
                            'name' => 'England',
                            'iso' => 'en',
        // this is simple storage for Languages configuration
        'filedb' => [
            'class' => 'yii2tech\filedb\Connection',
            'path' => __DIR__ . '/data',

Creating translatable ActiveRecord

As our implementation is based on creocoder/yii2-translatable - the use creation of multilingual ActiveRecords is very similar.

The main differences from creocoder2/yii2translatable:

  • no need to set translationAttributes - they automatically detected from translation model
  • language field is language_id of integer type

In your ActiveRecord class(for example Post) add trait and behavior:

use DevGroup\Multilingual\behaviors\MultilingualActiveRecord;
use DevGroup\Multilingual\traits\MultilingualTrait;

 * Class Post
 * @property integer $author_id
class Post extends \yii\db\ActiveRecord
    use MultilingualTrait;

     * @inheritdoc
    public function behaviors()
        return [
            'multilingual' => [
                'class' => MultilingualActiveRecord::className(),
                'translationPublishedAttribute' => 'is_active',

    public static function tableName()
        return '{{%post}}';


Add one line into your HEAD section of layout view:

<?= \DevGroup\Multilingual\widgets\HrefLang::widget() ?>


  1. Remember to take care of language_id when caching multilingual or translatable content
  2. In requests to excluded routes there may be no language_id, but probably can be cookie_language_id
  3. If you want to generate URL's from console application you may need to configure additional params(see
  4. MultilingualTrait adds default conditions to find and is not required for use. But if you don't use it - you must manually configure proper relations.
  5. Add indexes to your translation tables, especially for language_id and model_id pair.

Credits and inspiration sources

  • Michael Härtl - author of codemix/yii2-localeurls
  • Company BINOVATOR - authors of SypexGeo database and php class
  • Alexander Kochetov (@creocoder) - yii2-translatable package


Allows building yii2 apps for multiple languages using regional URL's and domains



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