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/* data structures and useful byte arrays */
#include <ngx_config.h>
#include <ngx_core.h>
#include <ngx_http.h>
#include <time.h>
#define NGX_ZIP_MIME_TYPE "application/zip"
#define ngx_http_zip_current_file(ctx) ctx->pieces[ctx->pieces_i].file
extern uint32_t ngx_crc32_table256[];
typedef struct {
ngx_uint_t crc32;
ngx_str_t uri;
ngx_str_t args;
size_t index; //! zip64 allows for 64bit number of files
ngx_uint_t dos_time;
ngx_uint_t unix_time;
ngx_str_t filename;
ngx_str_t filename_utf8;
uint32_t filename_utf8_crc32;
off_t size;
off_t offset;
unsigned header_sent:1;
unsigned trailer_sent:1;
unsigned missing_crc32:1;
unsigned need_zip64:1;
unsigned need_zip64_offset:1;
} ngx_http_zip_file_t;
typedef struct {
off_t start;
off_t end;
ngx_str_t boundary_header;
unsigned boundary_sent:1;
} ngx_http_zip_range_t;
typedef enum {
zip_header_piece, //local file header
zip_file_piece, // file data
zip_trailer_piece, // data descriptor (for files without CRC, exists if bit 3 of GP flag is set),
zip_trailer_piece64, // the same but for zip64 (if zip64 extended information extra field is in file header)
} ngx_http_zip_piece_e;
typedef struct {
ngx_http_zip_range_t range;
ngx_http_zip_file_t *file;
ngx_http_zip_piece_e type;
} ngx_http_zip_piece_t;
typedef struct {
ngx_str_t *unparsed_request;
ngx_http_zip_piece_t *pieces;
ngx_array_t files;
ngx_array_t ranges;
ngx_uint_t ranges_i;
ngx_uint_t pieces_i;
ngx_uint_t pieces_n;
ngx_atomic_uint_t boundary;
off_t archive_size;
off_t cd_size; // zip central directory size
ngx_http_request_t *wait;
unsigned parsed:1;
unsigned trailer_sent:1;
unsigned abort:1;
unsigned missing_crc32:1; // used in subrequest, if true = reads file into memory and calculates it; also to indicate presence of such file
unsigned zip64_used:1;
unsigned unicode_path:1;
unsigned native_charset:1;
} ngx_http_zip_ctx_t;
typedef struct {
ngx_http_zip_file_t *requesting_file;
ngx_http_zip_range_t *range;
off_t subrequest_pos;
} ngx_http_zip_sr_ctx_t;