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from __future__ import with_statement
import clr
import sys
from System import Array, Console, ConsoleKey, ConsoleModifiers, ConsoleColor
from System.IO import Path, File
from System.Reflection import Assembly
from System.Threading import WaitHandle, AutoResetEvent
from System.Threading import Thread, ApartmentState, ParameterizedThreadStart
from System.Diagnostics.SymbolStore import ISymbolDocument
from Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug import (CorDebugger, CorFrameType,
CorValue, CorReferenceValue, CorObjectValue, CorAppDomain, CorModule)
from Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.NativeApi import \
CorDebugUnmappedStop, COR_DEBUG_STEP_RANGE, CorDebugStepReason
from Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.NativeApi.CorElementType import *
import consolecolor as CC
# sequence point functions
class sequence_point(object):
def __init__(self, offset, doc, start_line, start_col, end_line, end_col):
self.offset = offset
self.doc = doc
self.start_line = start_line
self.start_col = start_col
self.end_line = end_line
self.end_col = end_col
def __str__(self):
return "%s %d:%d-%d:%d (offset:%d)" % (Path.GetFileName(self.doc.URL),
self.start_line, self.start_col, self.end_line, self.end_col, self.offset)
def get_sequence_points(symmethod, include_hidden_lines = False):
sp_count = symmethod.SequencePointCount
spOffsets = Array.CreateInstance(int, sp_count)
spDocs = Array.CreateInstance(ISymbolDocument, sp_count)
spStartLines = Array.CreateInstance(int, sp_count)
spEndLines = Array.CreateInstance(int, sp_count)
spStartCol = Array.CreateInstance(int, sp_count)
spEndCol = Array.CreateInstance(int, sp_count)
symmethod.GetSequencePoints(spOffsets, spDocs, spStartLines, spStartCol,
spEndLines, spEndCol)
for i in range(sp_count):
if spStartLines[i] != 0xfeefee or include_hidden_lines:
yield sequence_point(spOffsets[i], spDocs[i], spStartLines[i],
spStartCol[i], spEndLines[i], spEndCol[i])
# breakpoint funcitons
def create_breakpoint(module, filename, linenum):
reader = module.SymbolReader
if reader == None:
return None
# currently, I'm only comparing filenames. This algorithm may need to get more
# sophisticated to support differntiating files with the same name in different paths
filename = Path.GetFileName(filename)
for doc in reader.GetDocuments():
if str.Compare(filename, Path.GetFileName(doc.URL), True) == 0:
linenum = doc.FindClosestLine(linenum)
method = reader.GetMethodFromDocumentPosition(doc, linenum, 0)
function = module.GetFunctionFromToken(method.Token.GetToken())
for sp in get_sequence_points(method):
if sp.doc.URL == doc.URL and sp.start_line == linenum:
return function.ILCode.CreateBreakpoint(sp.offset)
return function.CreateBreakpoint()
# frame functions
def get_dynamic_frames(chain):
for f in chain.Frames:
method_info = f.GetMethodInfo()
if method_info == None:
typename = method_info.DeclaringType.Name
if typename.startswith("Microsoft.Scripting.") \
or typename.startswith("IronPython.") \
or typename == "PythonConsoleHost":
yield f
def get_location(function, offset):
symmethod = function.GetSymbolMethod()
if symmethod == None:
return None
prev_sp = None
for sp in get_sequence_points(symmethod):
if sp.offset > offset:
prev_sp = sp
return prev_sp
def get_frame_location(frame):
offset, mapping_result = frame.GetIP()
if frame.FrameType != CorFrameType.ILFrame:
return offset, None
return offset, get_location(frame.Function, offset)
# stepper functions
def create_stepper(thread, JMC = True):
stepper = thread.ActiveFrame.CreateStepper()
return stepper
from System import UInt32
def create_step_range(start, end):
range = Array.CreateInstance(COR_DEBUG_STEP_RANGE, 1)
startOffset = UInt32(start),
endOffset = UInt32(end))
return range
def get_step_ranges(thread, reader):
frame = thread.ActiveFrame
offset, mapResult = frame.GetIP()
symmethod = frame.Function.GetSymbolMethod()
for sp in get_sequence_points(symmethod):
if sp.offset > offset:
return create_step_range(offset, sp.offset)
return create_step_range(offset, frame.Function.ILCode.Size)
def do_step(thread, step_in):
stepper = create_stepper(thread)
reader = thread.ActiveFrame.Function.Module.SymbolReader
if reader == None:
range = get_step_ranges(thread, reader)
stepper.StepRange(step_in, range)
# value functions
def get_locals(frame, scope=None, offset = None):
#if the scope is unspecified, try and get it from the frame
if scope == None:
symmethod = frame.Function.GetSymbolMethod()
if symmethod != None:
scope = symmethod.RootScope
#if scope still not available, yield the local variables
#from the frame, with auto-gen'ed names (local_1, etc)
for i in range(frame.GetLocalVariablesCount()):
yield "local_%d" % i, frame.GetLocalVariable(i)
#if we have a scope, get the locals from the scope
#and their values from the frame
for lv in scope.GetLocals():
#always skip $site locals - they are cached callsites and
#not relevant to the ironpython developer
if lv.Name == "$site":
v = frame.GetLocalVariable(lv.AddressField1)
yield lv.Name, v
if offset == None: offset = frame.GetIP()[0]
#recusively call get_locals for all the child scopes
for s in scope.GetChildren():
if s.StartOffset <= offset and s.EndOffset >= offset:
for ret in get_locals(frame, s, offset): yield ret
def get_arguments(frame):
mi = frame.GetMethodInfo()
for pi in mi.GetParameters():
if pi.Position == 0: continue
arg = frame.GetArgument(pi.Position - 1)
yield pi.Name, arg
_type_map = {
'System.SByte' : ELEMENT_TYPE_I1,
'System.Byte' : ELEMENT_TYPE_U1,
'System.Int16' : ELEMENT_TYPE_I2,
'System.UInt16' : ELEMENT_TYPE_U2,
'System.Int32' : ELEMENT_TYPE_I4,
'System.UInt32' : ELEMENT_TYPE_U4,
'System.IntPtr' : ELEMENT_TYPE_I,
'System.UIntPtr': ELEMENT_TYPE_U,
'System.Int64' : ELEMENT_TYPE_I8,
'System.UInt64' : ELEMENT_TYPE_U8,
'System.Single' : ELEMENT_TYPE_R4,
'System.Double' : ELEMENT_TYPE_R8,
'System.Char' : ELEMENT_TYPE_CHAR, }
_generic_element_types = _type_map.values()
class NullCorValue(object):
def __init__(self, typename):
self.typename = typename
def extract_value(value):
rv = value.CastToReferenceValue()
if rv != None:
if rv.IsNull:
typename = rv.ExactType.Class.GetTypeInfo().Name
return NullCorValue(typename)
return extract_value(rv.Dereference())
bv = value.CastToBoxValue()
if bv != None:
return extract_value(bv.GetObject())
if value.Type in _generic_element_types:
return value.CastToGenericValue().GetValue()
elif value.Type == ELEMENT_TYPE_STRING:
return value.CastToStringValue().String
elif value.Type == ELEMENT_TYPE_VALUETYPE:
typename = value.ExactType.Class.GetTypeInfo().Name
if typename in _type_map:
gv = value.CastToGenericValue()
return gv.UnsafeGetValueAsType(_type_map[typename])
return value.CastToObjectValue()
return value.CastToObjectValue()
raise (Exception,
"<processing CorValue of type: %s not implemented>" % str(value.Type))
def display_value(value):
if type(value) == str:
return (('"%s"' % value), 'System.String')
elif type(value) == CorObjectValue:
return ("<...>", value.ExactType.Class.GetTypeInfo().FullName)
elif type(value) == NullCorValue:
return ("<None>", value.typename)
return (str(value), value.GetType().FullName)
# main IPyDebugProcess class
def inputcmd(cmddict, key):
def deco(f):
cmddict[key] = f
return f
return deco
class IPyDebugProcess(object):
def __init__(self, debugger=None):
self.debugger = debugger if debugger != None \
else CorDebugger(CorDebugger.GetDefaultDebuggerVersion())
def run(self, py_file):
self.py_file = py_file
#use the current executing version of IPY to launch the debug process
ipy = Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().Location
cmd_line = "\"%s\" -D \"%s\"" % (ipy, py_file)
self.process = self.debugger.CreateProcess(ipy, cmd_line)
self.process.OnCreateAppDomain += self.OnCreateAppDomain
self.process.OnProcessExit += self.OnProcessExit
self.process.OnUpdateModuleSymbols += self.OnUpdateModuleSymbols
self.process.OnBreakpoint += self.OnBreakpoint
self.process.OnStepComplete += self.OnStepComplete
self.process.OnClassLoad += self.OnClassLoad
self.terminate_event = AutoResetEvent(False)
self.break_event = AutoResetEvent(False)
self.initial_breakpoint = None
self.breakpoints = []
self.source_files = dict()
handles = Array.CreateInstance(WaitHandle, 2)
handles[0] = self.terminate_event
handles[1] = self.break_event
while True:
if hasattr(self, 'active_thread'): delattr(self, 'active_thread')
if hasattr(self, 'active_appdomain'): delattr(self, 'active_appdomain')
i = WaitHandle.WaitAny(handles)
if i == 0:
def _print_source_line(self, sp, lines):
linecount = len(lines)
linecount_fmt = "%%%dd: " % len(str(linecount))
for i in range(sp.start_line, sp.end_line+1):
with CC.Cyan:
Console.Write(linecount_fmt % i)
line = lines[i-1] if i <= linecount else ""
start = sp.start_col if i==sp.start_line else 1
end = sp.end_col if i == sp.end_line else len(line)+1
with CC.Gray:
Console.Write(line.Substring(0, start-1))
with CC.Yellow:
Console.Write(line.Substring(start-1, end-start))
if sp.start_line == sp.end_line == i and sp.start_col == sp.end_col:
with CC.Yellow: Console.Write(" ^^^")
_inputcmds = dict()
_breakpointcmds = dict()
@inputcmd(_inputcmds, ConsoleKey.R)
def _input_repl_cmd(self, keyinfo):
with CC.Gray:
print "\nREPL Console\nPress Ctl-Z to Exit"
cmd = ""
_locals = {'self': self}
while True:
Console.Write(">>>" if not cmd else "...")
line = Console.ReadLine()
if line == None:
if line:
cmd = cmd + line + "\n"
if len(cmd) > 0:
exec compile(cmd, "<input>", "single") in globals(),_locals
except Exception, ex:
with CC.Red: print type(ex), ex
cmd = ""
@inputcmd(_inputcmds, ConsoleKey.Spacebar)
def _input_continue_cmd(self, keyinfo):
print "\nContinuing"
return True
@inputcmd(_inputcmds, ConsoleKey.Q)
def _input_quit_cmd(self, keyinfo):
print "\nQuitting"
return True
@inputcmd(_inputcmds, ConsoleKey.L)
def _input_locals_cmd(self, keyinfo):
def print_value(name, value):
display, type_name = display_value(extract_value(value))
with CC.Magenta: print " ", name,
print display,
with CC.Green: print type_name
def print_all_values(f, show_hidden):
count = 0
for name,value in f(self.active_thread.ActiveFrame):
if name.startswith("$") and not show_hidden:
print_value(name, value)
return count
print "\nLocals"
show_hidden = (keyinfo.Modifiers & ConsoleModifiers.Alt) == ConsoleModifiers.Alt
count = print_all_values(get_locals, show_hidden)
count += print_all_values(get_arguments, show_hidden)
if count == 0:
with CC.Magenta: print " No Locals Found"
@inputcmd(_inputcmds, ConsoleKey.T)
def _input_stack_trace_cmd(self, keyinfo):
print "\nStack Trace"
get_frames = get_dynamic_frames(self.active_thread.ActiveChain) \
if (keyinfo.Modifiers & ConsoleModifiers.Alt) != ConsoleModifiers.Alt \
else self.active_thread.ActiveChain.Frames
for f in get_frames:
offset, sp = get_frame_location(f)
method_info = f.GetMethodInfo()
print " ",
if method_info != None:
print "%s::%s --" % (method_info.DeclaringType.Name, method_info.Name),
print sp if sp != None else "(offset %d)" % offset, f.FrameType
return False
@inputcmd(_inputcmds, ConsoleKey.S)
def _input_step_over_cmd(self, keyinfo):
print "\nStepping"
do_step(self.active_thread, False)
return True
@inputcmd(_inputcmds, ConsoleKey.I)
def _input_step_in_cmd(self, keyinfo):
print "\nStepping In"
do_step(self.active_thread, True)
return True
@inputcmd(_inputcmds, ConsoleKey.O)
def _input_step_out_cmd(self, keyinfo):
print "\nStepping Out"
stepper = create_stepper(self.active_thread)
return True
@inputcmd(_breakpointcmds, ConsoleKey.A)
def _bp_add(self, keyinfo):
args = Console.ReadLine().Trim().split(':')
if len(args) != 2: raise Exception, "Only pass two arguments"
linenum = int(args[1])
for assm in self.active_appdomain.Assemblies:
for mod in assm.Modules:
bp = create_breakpoint(mod, args[0], linenum)
if bp != None:
Console.WriteLine( "Breakpoint set")
return False
raise Exception, "Couldn't find %s:%d" % (args[0], linenum)
except Exception, msg:
with CC.Red:
print "Add breakpoint failed", msg
@inputcmd(_breakpointcmds, ConsoleKey.L)
def _bp_list(self, keyinfo):
print "\nList Breakpoints"
for i, bp in enumerate(self.breakpoints):
sp = get_location(bp.Function, bp.Offset)
state = "Active" if bp.IsActive else "Inactive"
print " %d. %s:%d %s" % (i+1, sp.doc.URL, sp.start_line, state)
return False
@inputcmd(_breakpointcmds, ConsoleKey.E)
def _bp_enable(self, keyinfo):
@inputcmd(_breakpointcmds, ConsoleKey.D)
def _bp_disable(self, keyinfo):
def _set_bp_status(self, activate):
stat = "Enable" if activate else "Disable"
bp_num = int(Console.ReadLine())
for i, bp in enumerate(self.breakpoints):
if i+1 == bp_num:
print "\nBreakpoint %d %sd" % (bp_num, stat)
return False
raise Exception, "Breakpoint %d not found" % bp_num
except Exception, msg:
with CC.Red: print "&s breakpoint Failed %s" % (stat, msg)
@inputcmd(_inputcmds, ConsoleKey.B)
def _input_breakpoint(self, keyinfo):
keyinfo2 = Console.ReadKey()
if keyinfo2.Key in IPyDebugProcess._breakpointcmds:
return IPyDebugProcess._breakpointcmds[keyinfo2.Key](self, keyinfo2)
print "\nInvalid breakpoint command", str(keyinfo2.Key)
return False
def _input(self):
offset, sp = get_frame_location(self.active_thread.ActiveFrame)
lines = self._get_file(sp.doc.URL)
self._print_source_line(sp, lines)
while True:
print "ipydbg» ",
keyinfo = Console.ReadKey()
if keyinfo.Key in IPyDebugProcess._inputcmds:
if IPyDebugProcess._inputcmds[keyinfo.Key](self, keyinfo):
print "\nPlease enter a valid command"
def OnCreateAppDomain(self, sender,e):
with CC.DarkGray:
print "OnCreateAppDomain", e.AppDomain.Name
def OnProcessExit(self, sender,e):
with CC.DarkGray:
print "OnProcessExit"
infrastructure_methods = ['TryGetExtraValue',
def OnClassLoad(self, sender, e):
mt = e.Class.GetTypeInfo()
with CC.DarkGray:
print "OnClassLoad", mt.Name
#python code is always in a dynamic module,
#so non-dynamic modules aren't JMC
if not e.Class.Module.IsDynamic:
e.Class.JMCStatus = False
#python classes in the IronPython.NewTypes only implement python class
#semantics, they have no python code in them so they aren't JMC
elif mt.Name.startswith('IronPython.NewTypes'):
e.Class.JMCStatus = False
#assume that dynamic module classes not in the IronPython.NewTypes
#namespace are python modules, so mark them as JMC and iterate thru
#the methods looking for standard infrastructure methods to mark as
#JMC disabled
e.Class.JMCStatus = True
for mmi in mt.GetMethods():
if mmi.Name in IPyDebugProcess.infrastructure_methods:
f = e.Class.Module.GetFunctionFromToken(mmi.MetadataToken)
f.JMCStatus = False
def OnUpdateModuleSymbols(self, sender,e):
with CC.DarkGray:
print "OnUpdateModuleSymbols", e.Module.Name
if self.initial_breakpoint == None:
self.initial_breakpoint = create_breakpoint(e.Module, self.py_file, 1)
if self.initial_breakpoint != None:
def OnBreakpoint(self, sender,e):
method_info = e.Thread.ActiveFrame.Function.GetMethodInfo()
offset, sp = get_frame_location(e.Thread.ActiveFrame)
with CC.DarkGray:
print "OnBreakpoint", method_info.Name, "Location:", sp if sp != None else "offset %d" % offset
def OnStepComplete(self, sender,e):
offset, sp = get_frame_location(e.Thread.ActiveFrame)
with CC.DarkGray:
print "OnStepComplete Reason:", e.StepReason, "Location:", sp if sp != None else "offset %d" % offset
if e.StepReason == CorDebugStepReason.STEP_CALL:
do_step(e.Thread, False)
def _do_break_event(self, e):
self.active_appdomain = e.AppDomain
self.active_thread = e.Thread
e.Continue = False
def _get_file(self,filename):
filename = Path.GetFullPath(filename)
if not filename in self.source_files:
self.source_files[filename] = File.ReadAllLines(filename)
return self.source_files[filename]
def run_debugger(py_file):
if Thread.CurrentThread.GetApartmentState() == ApartmentState.STA:
t = Thread(ParameterizedThreadStart(run_debugger))
p = IPyDebugProcess()
if __name__ == "__main__":