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List of Currently Tracked Events

These actions are tracked automaticly and sent to our Analytics backend. These events can also be mapped or pushed to custom analytics adaptors.

Name Slug Description
Form Submit form-submit Submit a form
Site Bookmark site-bookmark Click on the top right star icon
Video Play video-play Click on play in a video
Site Visit site-visit Click "Visit Main Website" link
Site Print site-print Click on the top right print icon
Site Bookmark site-bookmark
Site Share site-share
Site Print site-print
Map Get Directions map-get-directions Click on the "Get Directions" button in a map
Map User Interact map-user-interact Click / drag a map
Site Page View site-page-view Visit / View the page
Link Call link-call Click on a tel: link
Link Email link-email Click on an mailto: link
Link Facebook link-facebook Click on a facebook link
Link G+ link-gplus Click on a google plus link
Link Instagram link-instagram Click on an instagram link
Link Location Page link-locationpage Link to our Location Page (usually from Location Finder)
Link Linkedin link-linkedin Click on linkedin link
Link Twitter link-twitter Click on a twitter link
Link Yelp link-yelp Click on a yelp link
Link YouTube link-youtube Click on a YouTube link
Link Homepage link-homepage Deprecated site-visit, Click on the website link from header or location finder
Location Search location-search User initiated search from location finder
Location Info Window location-infowindow Activating the infowindow for a Location
Coupon Print coupon-print Click on a coupon module
Coupon Redeem coupon-redeem
Coupon Email coupon-email
Coupon SMS coupon-sms
Coupon Share coupon-share
Coupon Share Facebook coupon-share-facebook
Coupon Share Twitter coupon-share-facebook
Coupon Share G+ coupon-share-gplus