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Material Kit - React Tweet


Material Kit - React

Free React Admin Dashboard made with Material UI's components, React and of course create-react-app to boost your app development process! We'll launch a pro version soon, so if you are interested subscribe to our personal emailing list on

Upgrade to PRO Version

We also have a pro version of this product which bundles even more pages and components if you want to save more time and design efforts :)

Free Version (this one) Material Kit Pro - React
7 Demo Pages 32 demo pages
- Dark & light mode
- Authentication with Amplify*, Auth0 and Firebase
- TypeScript version
- Design files (sketch & figma) - for extended license
- Complete users flows


Quick start

  • Download from Github or Download from Devias or clone the repo: git clone

  • Make sure your NodeJS and npm versions are up to date for React 17

  • Install dependencies: npm install or yarn

  • Start the server: npm run start or yarn start

  • Views are on: localhost:3000

🖌 Design Files

👉Download Sketch file

👉Download Figma file

File Structure

Within the download you'll find the following directories and files:


├── .eslintrc
├── .gitignore
├── .prettierrc
├── jsconfig.json
├── package.json
├── public
├── docs
└── src
	├── assets
	├── common
	├── components
	├── helpers
	├── icons
	├── layouts
	├── theme
	├── views
	│	├── Account
	│	├── Dashboard
	│	├── Icons
	│	├── NotFound
	│	├── ProductList
	│	├── Settings
	│	├── SignIn
	│	├── SignUp
	│	├── Typography
	│	└── UserList
	├── App.jsx
	├── index.jsx
	└── Routes.jsx


Reporting Issues:


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