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Device42 Health Checks in Nagios
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How to install?

Install perl libs

yum install perl-JSON.noarch perl-Nagios-Plugin.noarch

copy file d42.cfg to Nagios configuration path (e.g: /etc/nagios/servers/)

file d42.cfg include common d 42 health command, services and host defined for Nagios configuration

copy file check_d42_health to Nagios library directory (e.g: /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/)

set permission with command chmod +x check_d42_health

uncomment next line in nagios.cfg file


How to run ?###

perl <check_d42_health path> -H <hostname> -P <port number> -I <metric name> -c <critical threshold> -w <warn threshold> --ssl --cache=<cache expired seconds>

perl check_d42_health -H -P 4242 -I cpu_used_percent -w 10 -c 20 --cache=60

for SSL hosts

perl check_d42_health -H -P 4343 --ssl -I cpu_used_percent -w 10 -c 20 --cache=60

List of available script parameters

  • -H - Hostname
  • -P - Port number
  • -I - Metric name
  • -c - Critical threshold
  • -w - Warning threshold
  • -S - Enable SSL (use HTTPS protocol)
  • -C - Enable cache and set cache expire time duration in seconds. Default 60

List of available metrics

  • cpu_used_percent
  • dbsize
  • disk_used_percent
  • memtotal
  • cached
  • swapfree
  • swaptotal
  • memfree
  • buffers


  • UNKNOWN - Item is not defined - no item found in server respose
  • UNKNOWN - Can not parse JSON received from server
  • UNKNOWN - No data received from server
  • CRITICAL - script execution time out
  • UNKNOWN - no data for item
  • UNKNOWN - item backup_status is empty, skip processing
  • NORMAL - all job successfully finished
  • CRITICAL - backup job ran with errors

Example of D42 Health Checks imported to Nagios d42_health_checks.PNG

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