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The script reads data from Infoblox IPAM and keeps D42 up to date
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Device42 is a comprehensive data center inventory management and IP Address management software that integrates centralized password management, impact charts and applications mappings with IT asset management.

This repository contains sample script to take information from a Infoblox install and send it to Device42 appliance using the REST APIs. Info gathered from Infoblox:

  • Subnets
  • Static IP addresses
  • MAC addresses
  • Device names (if detected by Infoblox)
  • Device OS (if detected by Infoblox)


* The script assumes that you are running Infoblox with web api (wapi) v 1.2
* The script gathers data for fixed IP addresses recorded in Infoblox
* This script works with Device42 5.8.1 and above


* python 2.7.x
* requests (you can install it with sudo pip install requests or sudo apt-get install python-requests)
* netaddr (you can install it with sudo pip install netaddr)


* Install requirements
* Copy infoblox2device42.cfg.sample to infoblox2device42.cfg
* Add D42 URL/credentials in infoblox2device42.cfg
* Add Infoblox DB info/credentials in infoblox2device42.cfg
* Run the script : python
* Then script get networks, hosts and each host discovered fields ( if exists )
* If you have any questions - feel free to reach out to us at support at


* Script runs on Linux and Windows
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