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Device42 as ENC for puppet
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Device42 as Puppet ENC


A simple integration that allows you to set up and manage External Node Classification for Puppet using Device42.


As a single point of truth for your network, Device42 is a perfect candidate for providing External Node Classification for your Puppet infrastructure.

D42 as a Puppet ENC allows you to manage the classifications of all your Puppet nodes in one place.

Setup (basic, WIP):

  • Create a custom field for devices on D42 called "node_classes" that stores JSON. This field can be called whatever you like, but should be unique.

  • Fill in settings.yaml with values that match your setup, including the name of your custom field.

  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Put your node classification (as JSON) into the "node_classes" custom field on D42. Writing ENC from Puppetlabs

  • Switch your Puppet Master's configuration to use ENC

  • ex:

  ENC is configured in /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/puppet.conf
  	external_nodes = /home/puppetmaster/d42enc/
  	node_terminus = exec


Test the output of the ENC.

$ ./ --verbose
fetching node classification for:
d42 appliance host:
node_classes_field is set to: node_classes
  environment: production
  - 0
  - 1
  - 2
  - 3
    parameters: work

Note: do not use --verbose when ENC is actually in use. Output needs to be only YAML containing the node classification

Content of node_classes on device named on D42:

  "classes": {
    "common": null,
    "example": {
      "parameters": "work"
    "listexample": [0,1,2,3],
    "environment": "production"

Upcoming Features / TODO

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